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Disruptive Strategy

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CVS Pharmacy's MinuteClinic is a clear illustration of the "Jobs to be Done" concept. It is a great example of the fact that opportunities—jobs to be done—are all around you and demonstrates that firms who can clearly articulate customer jobs to be done have a higher likelihood of success.
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The Job

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How would you articulate the job to be done that Clay described above? Hint: it's easier if you begin with "Help me...")

Peer responses

" "

Help me get a prescription without seeing a doctor and without waiting for an unknown amount of time.

K, Canada

" "

Help me make it easier to get my problem solved by a simple prescription.

A, United States of America

" "

Help me to get the prescription to cure a yes/no disease.

Anon, India

" "

Help me with an easy to access health care option that requires minimal physician intervention and interpretation

P, Lithuania

" "

Help me to find the solution for the ear ache for my daughter now

M, United States of America

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As Clay will expand on in the next video, the job to be done that MinuteClinic serves can be articulated as "help me to quickly and conveniently get the healthcare I need without seeing the doctor."
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The Jobs to be Done pyramid has four categories:

  1. Articulating the job to be done
  2. Defining the experiences that the customer needs to have to nail the job perfectly
  3. Determining how to integrate the organization to deliver the job to be done
  4. Creating a purpose brand
The Jobs to be Done pyramid has the Job to be Done at its base, atop which are Experiences, then Integration, and finally Purpose Brand at the top. Starting at the base, what 'job' do customers need to get done or what problem are they trying to solve? Customers do not really buy products or services; they 'hire' them to do a 'job.' Next up, what are the experiences in purchasing and using the product that we need to provide in order to get the 'job' done perfectly? Higher up, what and how must we integrate in order to provide these experiences in purchasing and using the product? Finally at the top, how can we create a brand that customers immediately think to 'hire' for a 'job?'

For Minute Clinic, here is an example of how the job to be done pyramid could be filled out:

  • Job to be Done: Help me to quickly and conveniently, get the healthcare I need without seeing a doctor.
  • Experience: Every aspect of the service must allow the patient to get their job done in a "quick" and "convenient" way.
    • The clinic shouldn't take long to get to
    • Filling prescriptions should be simple
    • The health care provided should still match the healthcare that one would receive from a doctor
  • Integration: MinuteClinic should:
    • Put their clinics in city centers where patients go often
    • Place clinics near pharmacies
    • Hire nurse practitioners who can give "doctor-level" service for simple illnesses
  • Purpose Brand: The name "MinuteClinic" will resonate with anyone wishing for quick healthcare.

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